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We are pediatric therapists, here to bring you the scoop on the best deals for the best toys with tips on how to use them.

Please join us as we talk about toys!

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Today's Toys

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Meet the Team


Speech-Language Pathologist

Favorite toy:

car garage with ramp


Occupational Therapist

Favorite toy:

magnetic tiles


Physical Therapist

Favorite toy:

marble run

Curated Fun!

The number one question we get asked by caregivers is, “What are the best toys to purchase for my child’s development?” It’s our favorite question to answer!

As pediatric therapists, we are “toy experts”! It's our job to find creative ways to use toys to help children reach their potential.


To loop you in on the best deals -AND- teach you how to use these toys to target speech/language, cognitive, and motor development.

Today's Toys

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